One-Room School Day Field Trips

Weekdays, April - May & September - October

You may plan your trip for anyday throughout the year, but these months are the best, weather-wise. Before April or after October it may be too cold to sit in the schoolhouse.

How to plan a FIELD TRIP:

Fill out the field trip form and decide, based on your time-frame, in what activities you would like your class to participate.

*Call (865-983-1550) or email (samhoustonsch@aol.com) the Schoolhouse Manager, Mary Lynne Bell, to set up a day & time for your class field trip.

*Print out the Teacher Guide. There are workbooks for grades 2 - 5 available at the gift shop for $2 per student. These make great after-visit activities about Tennessee and colonial history, created by retired Blount Co. teacher, Betty Best.

*Check out biographies & books about Sam Houston, pioneers, one-room schoolhouses, colonial life, early Tennessee history, the War of 1812, & the Spanish-American War.

Suggested Reading:                               
K-2            "Make Way for Sam Houston" by Jean Fritz
3-6            "Sam Houston", Cobblestone Magazine, Sept. 1994 
                 "A One-Room School" & "Early Schools" by Bobbie Kalman
                 "Sam Houston, Man of Mystery" by Adele McKenzie (see "books")
                 "Liberty and Justice for All" by Marjorie Kutchinski
7-adult      "The Autobiography of Sam Houston" ed. Donald Day (1947)
                 "The Raven" by James Marquis (1929 Classic!)
               "Sam Houston" by James Haley - an historian & expert on Sam Houston!
Teachers   BOOK:  "My Great Aunt Arizona" by Gloria Houston
                 VIDEO:  Heartland Series, Tape #18, has a segment called "The Raven"
               VIDEO:  Sam Houston, The Volunteer Exile by PBS,Nashville (see Nashville's PBS website)

*While at the schoolhouse, you might like to purchase a copy of one of our many books on Sam Houston, a quill pen, or wooden toy to use as a prize to the student with the most answers correct on a post-trip quiz or as a reward for additional research .

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