The following books are written by local authors and are not available in bookstores or libraries.

PURCHASE COPIES at the school house gift shop. We accept most major credit cards. Check current prices by phone 865-983-1550 or by email.

"SAM HOUSTON: Man of Mystery" by Adele McKenzie

This 16-page booklet is brief, but packed with information. It is written as a short story of Sam Houston's life. It is historically accurate and would be a good story to read to children ages 6 - 10.

Reading Level = 4th grade +

Price: $2.00 + shipping & handling

"Sam Houston Schoolhouse Workbook" by Betty Boone Best

This is a 19-page coloring & activity booklet. Students can do a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, fill in the spaces on the timeline, act out (charades) some pioneer chores, color by number, read and answer questions about Sam Houston, one-room schoolhouses, and pioneer life. This is a MUST for every teacher, as a field trip follow-up.

Reading Level = 2nd grade +

Activity Level = K - 5th grade

Price: $2.00 + shipping & handling

"Sam Houston" edition of Cobblestone Magazine

This is a 50-page edition dedicated to the life of Sam Houston. There are nine short stories about his boyhood, young adult life, military career, political career, wives & children (includes an interview with his grandson), Joshua Houston (his 3rd wife's slave) and his family, a timeline of Sam's life, suggested books to read & places to visit and LOADED with black and white photos and portraits.

Reading Level = 4th grade +

Price: $4.50 + shipping & handling

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